Organize Your Musical Ideas

Composing music is different for everyone, yet some practices are employed by many musicians. One such practice is to record a musical idea on a phone, capturing the idea at its freshest, and for many, clearest. This often leads to a lengthy catalogue of chronologically organized recordings that can be difficult to parse when sitting down to flesh out a piece of music – what matters most is the content of the idea, more so than when it was conceived. The purpose of SoundSeeker is to allow you to organize musical ideas based on their content instead of when they came to be, and to serve as an educational personal project in my growth as a software engineer.

SoundSeeker has 3 structural tiers:

  • Suite - the big picture, like an album. Suites contain blobs.

  • Blob - a medium-sized idea, like a song. Blobs contain audioclips.

  • Audioclip - the smallest idea, like a melodic phrase, bass line, rhythm, or sound.

Associate each audioclip with different blobs, and each blob with different suites.
Associate different ideas however you find useful in your process.

For example:

Example diagram of how to use Suites, Blobs, and AudioClips in SoundSeeker

Supports .flac, .mp3, .wav, and .m4a (compressed only) audioclips